Yeonsoo Yoon Defends PhD Thesis

YeonsooYoonPhD-15JulyYeonsoo Yoon successfully defended his PhD thesis titled Morpogenetic Requirements for Embryo Patterning and the Generation of Stem Cell-Derived Mice on July 15, 2013. Yeonsoo's mentor was Jaime Rivera.


YeonsooYoonPhD-15July-2-Rivera YeonsooYoonPhD-15July-Stein-Imbalzano
Mentor Jaime Rivera congratulates Yeonsoo Yoon. Committee members Janet Stein and Tony Imbalzano congratulate Yeonsoo.
YeonsooYoonPhD-family YeonsooYoonPhD-15July-Lawrence
Yeosoo Yoon poses with his wife and mother-in-law. Yeonsoo shares a laugh with department chair Jeanne Lawrence and mentor Jaime Rivera. 


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