CDB Retreat - May 23

Cell and Developmental Biology Department Retreat - 2013

The Department of Cell and Developmental Biology hosted a department retreat on May 23, 2013. The long day featured talks by departmental faculty and staff about their current research. There were also sessions for networking and specific discussions on topics regarding shared resources and a forum for students and post docs.. The retreat was held at Tower Hill Botanical Gardens, in Boylston, MA. Jaime Rivera, Stephen Jones and Kristen Maki coordinated the event, with audio visual expertise from Thomas Delaney. 


Group photograph of the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology.
CDB-Retreat2013May-11-Emerson CDB-Retreat2013May-12-Imbalzano CDB-Retreat2013May-13-Witman CDB-Retreat2013May-20-Schwarting
Charles Emerson, Jr Tony Imbalzano George Witman Gerald Schwarting
CDB-Retreat2013May-14 CDB-Retreat2013May-17
Attendees listen in Tower Hill Amphitheatre   Networking in the gardens of Tower Hill
CDB-Retreat2013May-10-King CDB-Retreat2013May-22
Oliver King  Judy Gallant and Roger Craig
CDB-Retreat2013May-21-Zhang CDB-Retreat2013May-23-Jiang CDB-Retreat2013May-24-Hall CDB-Retreat2013May-5-Lawrence
Hong Zhang Jun Jiang Christopher Hall Jeanne Lawrence
CDB-Retreat2013May-25 CDB-Retreat2013May-9
Yeonsoo Yoon and Kip Sluder  


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