Jeanne Lawrence Gives Plenary Presentation to ASHG

Jeanne LawrenceJeanne Lawrence, PhD, Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology gave a Plenary Abstract Presentation to the American Society of Human Genetics Meeting, in Boston, MA on October 22, 2013. The annual meeting for the ASHG had 6000 attendees. The ASHG 2013 meeting featured invited presentations by the world's leading geneticists, in addition to symposia, workshops and other abstract-driven sessions about new developments in basic, translational and clinical human genetics research and technology.

"Speaking to the Boston Globe at the American Society of Human Genetics meeting, Jeanne B. Lawrence, PhD, professor of cell & developmental biology, said her recent discovery shutting down the extra copy of chromosome 21 in Down syndrome may lead to new insights into what exactly goes wrong within those cells." Excerpt from UMassMed NOW

To read the article from the Boston Globe visit the website.

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