Hugh Gannon and Eric Swanson Honored with GSBS Awards

Two Cell Biology students in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences were honored with awards during the Celebration of Student Achievement on June 1, 2012. 

Hugh Gannon received the Dean's Award for the Most Insightful Thesis Research. Hugh's thesis is titled "Mdm2-p53 Signaling in Tissue Homeostasis and the DNA Damage Response." Stephen Jones, PhD, was Hugh's mentor.

Also honored was Eric Swanson, in Recognition of Student Community Service. Eric spends time tutoring students in science and is one of the coordinators of the annual GSBS food drive. Eric is mentored by Jeanne Lawrence, PhD.


Hugh and Eric  Hugh and Steve Jones
 Eric Swanson and Hugh Gannon  pose with awards.  Dean Anthony Carruthers, Hugh Gannon and Stephen Jones


Eric Swanson poses with Mentor Jeanne Lawrence, PhD

 Hugh Award
Eric Award
 Horizontal photos courtesy of Rob Carlin. Above Hugh Gannon listens to award description. Below Eric Swanson listens to Dean Carruthers


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