Who We Are at the Cancer Center of Excellence (CCOE)

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Our Mission: To alleviate the suffering and death in our patients and in our community that is caused by cancer.

The Cancer Center of Excellence (CCOE) is composed of 72 clinical physicians that traverse multiple disciplines to form a broad-based center with individual disease specialists who collaborate together to form an organized and cohesive unit. This includes 20 Hematologists/Oncologists (with multiple disease-specific specialists such as breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancers, lung cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, stem cell transplantation, urologic cancers, sarcoma, head and neck cancer, etc), 12 radiation oncologists, 7 surgical oncologists (includes 4 breast and 3 gastrointestinal surgeons), 4 solid organ transplantation surgical specialists, 18 other surgical specialists (7 plastic surgeons, 6 thoracic surgeons, 2 urologic surgeons, 2 neurosurgeons, and 1 orthopaedic surgeon), 4 neurologists, 4 pediatric oncologists, and 4 gynecologic oncologists. These clinicians collaborate actively with other UMASS clinical departments (e.g., pathology, radiology, dermatology, etc) for the comprehensive care of cancer patients. In addition, there are multiple pre-clinical MDs and PhDs across multiple departments (e.g., Cell Biology) who maintain active laboratories investigating fields including cancer biology and molecular medicine.

The goal of our CCOE is to provide the highest quality, compassionate care while offering the most effective diagnosis and treatment through the cancer-specific expertise of our providers and the advancement of clinical trials. Clinical trials for the CCOE are facilitated primarily through the Cancer Research Office (CRO). The overall mission of the CCOE CRO is to facilitate the development, conduct, quality assurance monitoring, regulatory compliance, and completion of high-level cancer related clinical research. Clinical trials coordination and data management in the CRO are provided by research nurses, clinical research coordinators (CRCs), and data managers who work closely with the clinical care teams to directly coordinate and facilitate all clinical trial activities. The CRO staff is divided into disease-based specialty teams to support the multidisciplinary clinical oncology teams/clinics. In addition, the CRO is working to expand its research capabilities through its member and affiliate institutions such as the Simonds-Simon Regional Cancer Center at HealthAlliance Hospital (Burbank Campus). The CRO has also initiated a grassroots effort with regional (New England) institutions to collaborate across Universities on clinical trials as discussed in further detail below.

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