Welcome from the Cancer Center - Director, Michael R. Green, MD, PhD

Giles Whalen I am proud to welcome you to the UMass Medical School’s Cancer Center website. This Center is one of our designated "Centers of Excellence": a joint enterprise of our medical school and academic medical Center which has world class faculty and staff. We have more than 99 clinical cancer specialists engaged in the care of patients who are afflicted by many different specific types of cancers, well over 83 scientists investigating the underlying biology of this disease, and hundreds more dedicated clinical and research personnel working on this disease. We have formal research collaborations with other Academic Cancer Centers in New England (NEON), many more informal research collaborations and more than 29 million dollars in direct federal funding for cancer-related research here at UMass. Still, as this web site demonstrates, the UMass Cancer program’s network reach and ambition is even larger than that. We have endeavored to organize ourselves to facilitate both better cancer care and discovery for our extended clinical community and our scientific community with dedicated Cancer Center resources in addition to the extraordinary resources available in the larger institution (table 1). Our function and our purpose is the integration of UMass Medical School talent and resources around Cancer Care and Discovery and the translation of that discovery for the benefit of all patients.

Cancer Center Resources

Clinical Community
  • Multi-Disciplinary disease site groups
  • PCP network
  • Member/Affiliate Hospitals
Translational Core Infrastructure
  • Genetic Testing/counseling
  • Palliative Care
  • Cancer Clinical TrialsOffice(CRO)
  • Tissue Bank
  • Small Animal Imaging
  • Veterinary Pathology
Scientific Community
  • Basic Research groups
  • Prevention and Control/Epidemiology
  • Quantitative Health Sciences
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