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Welcome from the Cancer Center
Director: Michael R. Green, MD, PhD

The UMass Cancer Center is composed of a broad array of cancer clinicians, basic scientists, researchers in behavioral medicine and health outcomes, epidemiologists and educators who are dedicated to excellence in clinical care and research across a wide spectrum of medical and scientific concerns related to the disease called Cancer. The UMass Cancer Center exists to provide the best and most advanced care possible for our patients with cancer, to facilitate scientific discovery and to translate that discovery into direct benefits for our patients in Central New England and the world beyond.

Our Mission

To alleviate the suffering and death in our patients and in our community that is caused by cancer.

Our Strategy

We will do this by treating both the disease and patients with the best most effective treatments that exist when it occurs, by implementing effective programs to find it early or prevent it when we can, by searching for, discovering and applying better treatments and prevention strategies for the future, and by developing, teaching and inspiring the next generation of clinical and scientific investigators and caregivers to carry this mission forward.

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