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Karl Simin

UMassMed Faculty Page


Title: Diagnostic Test for High Risk Premalignant Breast Lesions. UMMS14-69; Patent Pending.

  • The present invention provides an objective biomarker, SFRP1, for the diagnosis of pre-malignant breast lesions also knows as atypical hyperplasias. The technology also discloses a gene expression profile used for predicting the risk that a pre-malignant breast lesion will advance to invasive breast cancer. Further, methods, assays and kits incorporating the SFRP1 biomarker are provided. 

Title: ANTI-TUMOR PROPERTIES OF DICKKOPF 3B. UMMS12-40; Patent 9,856,301.

  • This invention discloses novel therapeutics and methods for treating tumors and cancers via site-specific delivery of the tumor suppressor Dickkopf 3b (DKK3b). This technology is based on the finding that DKK3 expression is a hallmark of many human cancers and expression levels are inversely related to tumor virulence (e.g., in prostate cancer and ovarian cancer). Further, over-expression of DKK3 has been shown to halt proliferation of prostate cancer cells due to its ability to block the translocation of β-catenin to the nucleus. 


Innovation TopicsDiagnosticsCancerAtypical hyperplasiaBreast cancerBiologicsOvarian cancerProstate cancer