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Jeanne B Lawrence

UMassMed Faculty Page



  • The present invention provides silencing vectors that may be useful in "chromosome therapy" for Down syndrome or may be used as a research tool/system to investigate genomic expression changes and the cellular pathology of trisomy 21. This technology is based on the discovery that the imbalanced expression of hundreds of genes across an extra chromosome can be corrected in Down Syndrome patient stem cells by the targeted addition of one gene, XIST, in a specific location.

Title: Cancer Associated PcG (CAP) Bodies as a Cancer Biomarker. UMMS11-51; Patent Pending. 

  • The invention features methods of diagnosing cancer by detecting a biomarker selected from a satellite II ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecule, a cancer-associated polycomb group (CAP) body, a cancer-associated satellite transcript (CAST) body, and UbH2A. Also featured are methods of using these biomarkers to identify therapeutic cancer agents. Further, this invention provides methods to determine whether chemotherapeutic agents alter epigenetic imbalance in cells by determining a copy number of a satellite II DNA locus at chromosome 1q12. 


Innovation TopicsGene TherapyResearch Tools, Down SyndromeGene editing, Diagnostics, Cancer