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Premananda Pai Indic

UMassMed Faculty Page


Title: Systems and Methods for Monitoring, Managing, and Treating Asthma and Anaphylaxis. UMMS16-40; Patent Pending. 

  • The invention describes two devices that enable outpatient monitoring of asthma severity and anaphylaxis in real time. The first device is a wearable device that monitors breathing, assesses asthma severity, and alerts to dangerous changes. The second device is a wearable device that alerts upon early detection of anaphylaxis, auto-injects epinephrine, and calls emergency services (e.g., initiates 911 call) and/or family. Both technologies.

Title: System and Method for Using Somatic Movement to Improve Prediction and Prevention of Infant Apnea. UMMS13-75; Patent Pending.

  • The present invention relates to methods and systems for inhibiting apneic and hypoxic events. More specifically, the present invention provides methods for monitoring physiological signals of a patient, predicting the occurrence of a life-threatening event such as apnea or hypoxia, and initiating a stimulus to lessen the severity of, or even prevent, the occurrence of the life-threatening event. 


Innovation TopicsMedical DevicesAnaphylaxisPulmonologySoftwareApneaHypoxiaPhysiological signal monitor