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Uri Galili

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Title: Compositions and Methods for Recruitment and Activation of Macrophages in Injured Tissues and in Implanted Biomaterials Used for Tissue Engineering. UMMS13-62; Patent Pending. 

  • The present invention is related to the field of wound healing and regeneration and repair of injured internal tissues and tissue engineering by synthetic implants and implants of natural origin. In particular, the present invention provides compositions and methods comprising molecules (such as nanoparticles) with linked α-gal epitopes for induction of an inflammatory response localized within or surrounding damaged tissue, and rapid localized recruitment and activation of macrophages that promote regeneration and repair of a wide variety of internal tissues and organs injured as a result of various types of trauma as well as of tissues and organs treated with biomaterials.


Innovation TopicsSmall MoleculesWound healingTraumaMacrophage activationImplant