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David Grunwald





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Title: CARDS: CRISPR Arrayed Repeat Detection System / Part II. UMMS16-41; Patent Pending. 

  • This invention provides a means to resolve the 3-D genome in live cells by disclosing a novel CRISPR-based system in which as many as six different genomic loci can be labeling, each in a distinctive color, in live cells. This technology, called "CRISPRainbow" is far more expansive that fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) conducted on fixed cells. The invention further discloses methods to track by real-time fluorescence microscopy the assembly dynamics and target residence lifetimes of CRISPR machinery in live cells.

Title: CARDS: CRISPR Arrayed Repeat Detection System / Part I. UMMS15-58; Patent Pending. 

  • This invention discloses a platform to detect DNA repeat expansions called CRISPR Arrayed Repeat Detection System (CARDS). Utilizing this platform primary cell cultures and/or blood cell smears can be tested under conventional clinical diagnostic laboratory conditions to diagnose genetically-based diseases having DNA repeat expansions, including but not limited to ALS. Further disclosed are dCas9 constructs having fluorescent proteins bound to any or all stem loop sequences, wherein detection of a plurality of dCas9 constructs having different colored fluorescent proteins can simultaneously detect at least six (6) different gene target loci. 


Innovation TopicsGene TherapyCRISPRGene editingGenomicsImagingDiagnosticsNeurologyAmyolateral Sclerosis (ALS)