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Richard Ellison

UMassMed Faculty Page


Title: Specifications for Operating Room Hand Hygiene and Surgical Scrub Reminder System. UMMS11-34; Patent 8,633,816

  • This technology involves a system and method for monitoring personal protection items of a healthcare worker (gloves, gown, mask and respirator), using a user badge which stores data representing items worn by a worker, wirelessly communicating with the badge before the worker enters a patient zone (such as a patient room, bed area or exam table area), to see whether the worker has the required items. Patient beacons, located near patient room doors, near beds and other locations, store data representing the items required by workers who come in contact with, or close proximity to a patient, and wirelessly communicate with the badge. The patient beacon data can be set for the requirement of the patient, based on patient condition. 


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