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Andrew H Fischer

UMassMed Faculty Page


Title: Improved Microbiopsy Device. UMMS14-14; Patent Pending.

  • This invention relates to an improved microbiopsy needle tip. The improvement is attributable to the presence of one or more combinations of features, including the use of a Franseen-type needle cutting tip, the provision of a "step-out" in which the collection portion of the biopsy device has a larger diameter than the procuring portion of the device, frictional force on the core of tissue exerted by the distal portion of the needle, which force is provided by the diameter of the distal collection portion of the device having substantially the same diameter as that of the procured core of tissue, the mechanical effects of scaling the needle to small dimensions; and the use of a needle that can be curved to as to sample multiple biopsy sites in close proximity without retracting the needle from the patient. 


Innovation Topics: Medical DevicesCancerBiopsy device Improvement