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Michael S Chin

UMassMed Faculty Page


Title: Hyperspectral Imaging for Assessment and Prediction of Thermal Burn Injury. UMMS14-42; Patent Pending. 

  • This innovation addresses the fundamental need to assess early maximal burn depths in burn patients. Early and reliable differentiation between superficial and deep dermal burns is critical for optimizing surgical and resuscitation care. By creating/utilizing a spectral signature of skin, this technology uses non-visible and non-insvasive light to quantify oxy- and deoxy-hemolglobin levels, which can be used to predict thermal exposure.

Title: Hyperspectral Imaging for Early Detection of Oxygenation and Perfusion Changes in Irradiated Skin. UMMS12-20; Patent Pending.

  • The invention is based on the discovery of hyperspectral imaging-based methods that enable effective, efficient and non-invasive detection and characterization of ionizing radiation exposure in tissue. Methods of the invention allow for complete visualization and quantification of oxygenation and perfusion changes in irradiated skin. The invention enables rapid identification of individuals exposed to ionizing radiation after a radiological attack or accident. Methods of the invention can offer quantitative metrics to identify people exposed to higher doses of ionizing radiation well before the appearance of any dermal injury and permit appropriate triage to healthcare facilities.


Innovation TopicsDiagnostics, ImagingDermal injuryRadiationNuclear accidents