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Gregory J DiGirolamo

UMassMed Faculty Page


Title: A Novel Use of Eye Tracking to Improve Radiologists' Diagnostic Accuracy and Training. UMMS15-13; Patent Pending.  

  • This invention provides an eye-tracker and computer software to improve one's ability to observe details in images, particularly radiologic images. The technology is based on the finding that people may believe they have not seen a detail for which they were looking (such as a flaw in a work of art, defect in a machined part, or an abnormality in a tissue sample), when in fact the person may have actually unconsciously detected it. By tracking eye movements the invention provides methods to detect unconscious estimations thereby encouraging the individual to reconsider the initial estimation that the detail was not observed. 


Innovation TopicsMedical DevicesSoftwareRadiologyMisdiagnosis/Diagnostic accuracy