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Irene Bosch

UMassMed Faculty Page


Title: sST2 Dengue Virus Diagnostic. UMMS08-12; Patent Pending.

  • This invention uses interleukin-receptor like 1 protein (sST2) level to diagnose Dengue fever, infection with Dengue virus. Clinical symptoms of dengue infection are difficult to recognize and most individuals are asymptomatic or have only mild fever. This new technology addresses the need for a more effective diagnostic tool, capitalizing on the understanding that sST2 levels are elevated with in dengue virus infection when compared to uninfected patients. sST2 is further elevated during secondary infection, so this marker may serve to identify severity of infection.

Title: Use of TRAIL Protein as Antiviral Agent. UMMS08-01; Patent Pending. 

  • This new invention discloses an antiviral molecule, TRAIL, which reduces cellular antiviral effects, and may provide an opportunity for treatment of RNA virus infection.  Blocking of TRAIL significantly reduces cellular antiviral effects, thus the invention proposes the use of TRAIL as therapy to reduce viral burden. 


Innovation Topics: DiagnosticsDengue virus & feverImmunologyVirologySmall MoleculesBiologicsVaccines