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About Us

Our Mission 

Bridge serves as the hub of all commercialization activities at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. It facilitates intellectual property protection, business opportunity development, technology licensing, and new-enterprise creation.  

We are committed to promptly and effectively facilitating the commercial development of intellectual property arising at the Medical School. We believe that the continued development of innovative research and creative discovery benefits the inventor, the University, the Commonwealth and the world. 

Our Services 

Comprised of individuals with a blend of scientific, technical, legal and business acumen, the Office staff is committed to excellence in an array of services related to the commercialization of intellectual property. We provide the following services: 

  1. Identify, mentor, and market internal research with commercial potential
  2. Negotiate Licensing Agreements, Sponsored research Agreements (SRA) and Research Core Facilities Service/Contract Agreements.
  3. Facilitate the processing of Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) received from non-profit academic research institutions and for-profit companies.
  4. Negotiate and execute Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) between institutions in order to protect investigators' unpublished research results, information and patent-pending subject matter. Educate our community about how scientific discoveries get translated into human health innovations
  5. Educate researchers about the personal and societal benefits of submitting invention disclosure forms.
  6. Ensure compliance with all institutional, state and federal guidelines as we protect the intellectual property of the Medical School. 

Meet Our Team!

Learn more about the: Members of the BRIDGE.