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Courses at UMASS

BBS 764 Systems & Computational Biology (2017- ) - We developed this course and first offered it in 2017. The purpose is to provide a perspective of biology as an increasingly large-scale and quantitative science, where the focus is on emergent properties of biological systems that cannot be discovered with classical reductionist approaches. Systems biology focuses on a question rather than a hypothesis and can be viewed as hypothesis generating. The two major goals, aside from acquiring basic knowledge, is to (1) instill the skills of ‘systems thinking’ and (2) to become comfortable with computational data retrieval, management, analysis, and modeling. The course is split into a lecture component and a computational component where the students learn to use MATLAB to manipulate and manage data.

Summer Courses

Throughout my career I have had the privilege to help teach various summer courses in the broad area of Biological Physics. These short courses are an amazing opportunity to work hard with "fresh eyes" on projects that may otherwise never fluorish.

Teaching assistant, MBL Physiology Course (2010-2015) - The goal of this seven week course is to "bring together biological and physical/computational scientists, both in the faculty and the student body, to work together on cutting edge problems in cell physiology." This course is the embodiment of an interdisciplinary experience and my time spent there has been among my most rewarding time in science. As a TA, I spend two weeks running a research project with 3-6 students based on current, cutting edge research topics. Typically, these projects are ideas for research I have that I would like to pursue but might not have the time in daily life. This course presents an opportunity to push hard on these projects for two straight weeks with students who possess a wide array of expertise. These two week projects have inspired work that has continued well beyond the course.

Boot camp teaching assistant, MBL Physiology Course (2014-2015) - Helped to teach the one week "bootcamp" portion of the Wood's Hole Physiology course. This takes place during the introductory week of the course and is meant to instill a basic skillset in Computation/data analysis, microscopy and biochemistry that will be useful through the rest of the remained of the course. I've assisted with the computation and microscopy sections.

Teaching assistant, KITP Evolutionary Cell Biology course (2015) - Similar to the MBL Physiology course, this program aims to promote an interdisciplinary environment to explore the mechanisms of evolution from the perspective of single-cell Biology. I will help to run an experimental project over a two week timeframe.

Teaching assistant, Caltech Physical Biology Bootcamp (2010, 2011) - One week bootcamp designed to introduce students to experimental cell biology with a distinct quantitative focus. This program ended up becoming an official course in the bioengineering program at Caltech and was mandatory for incoming first year students. I organized and oversaw a one week research project and helped teach the "crash course" section featuring an introduction to microscopy, data analysis and molecular cell biology.