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MDF Classic Cardiology Stethoscope

  • MDF Classic Cardiology Adult Stethoscope includes:
    - 2 additional ComfortSeal eartips
    - 1 additional ultra-sensitive diaphragm
    - 1 ID tag
  • Dual-Head chestpiece and full-rotational Acoustic Valve Stem are machined and polished to the exact tolerance from the finest stainless steel
  • Diaphragm is fitted with an ultra-sensitive Diaphragm
  • Produce optimum amplification and high frequency transmission of heart and lung sounds at 100 to 1000Hz
  • Extra large and deep cone-shaped bell detects acoustic sensitivity at low frequency sound transmission at 20-100Hz
  • Diaphragm and bell are crowned with a non-chill durable PVC Diaphragm Retaining Ring and Bell Ring to provide greater patient comfort
  • Enclosed double internal spring and MDF ComfortSeal Eartips are ergonomically designed for long lasting fit and comfort
  • Combined dual acoustic tubes with enlarged internal acoustic pathway in the Y configuration
  • Eliminates internal acoustic leakage and external interference. Latex Free.

Colors: Deep Teal Green

Price: $135.50