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Tuition and Fees

  University of Massachusetts Medical School
  Graduate School of Nursing
  Annual Tuition and Fee Rates (unless indicated otherwise)
  Academic Year 2020-2021
  Tuition and fees may be changed at any time without prior notice.
  Tuition (non online courses)  
    ~ Graduate Entry Pathway (Pre-licensure) phase-Year 1  
                  In State  $44,512
                  New England Regional $50,880
                  Out of State $57,246
    ~ All others (per unit, per term)  
            Pre-licensure level courses  
                   In State  $890
                   New England Regional $1,018
                   Out of State $1,145
            Non pre-licensure level courses  
                   In State  $793
                   New England Regional $984
                   Out of State $1,084
  Tuition (online courses, per unit per term) $793
  PhD Doctoral Continuing Registration Fee (per term) * $2,353
  Equipment Fee  $334
  Health/Counseling Fee  $861
  Student Services Fee  $195
  Continuing Course Fee (per incomplete course, per term) $101
  ATI Fee (once, in GEP year 1, fall term) $1,255
  Course Specific Fees (charged in the term when enrolling in relevant course)  
           Acute Care Fee $456
           Health Assessment Fee $502
           Standardized Patient Fee $177
           Advanced Health Assessment Fee $1,015
                  GEP phase - year 1 (fall term only) $65
                  when starting clinical course (once) $129
           Fundamentals Critical Care Support Fee $355
           Nursing Leadership Fee $142
           Clinical Lab Fee (fall & spring terms, clinical years) $2030
           Online Technology Fee (per unit of online courses) $25
  Health Insurance (waivable) (charged in fall term)  
            13-month, 8/1/2020-8/31/2021 (year 1, August-start) $4,520
            12-month, 9/1/2020-8/31/2021 (all others) $4,173
  Late Registration Fee (per term, if registering late) $50
  Late Payment Fee (per term, if past due) $50
  Commencement (once, in fall term of graduating year) $255
  * For Nursing PhD Program - Charged per term in lieu of Tuition and Equipment Fee, after completing 57 units including 18 dissatation units.