UMMS Geriatrics Interest Group (GIG)

The Navigator Program in Geriatrics, based around health care encounters of older patients in the clinic setting, was originally conceived as the Elder Patient Navigator Program (2009-2010) by a medical student as a novel UMMS geriatric curricular initiative. The program targets first and second year medical students and graduate nursing students for the purpose of accomplishing specific inter-professional objectives in the following categories.

helmswheel bullet Longitudinal patient-centered experience: SN is paired with one older patient whom the SN navigates for three visits through primary care and subspecialties. 
helmswheel bullet Patient Selection: Longitudinal Preceptor Program faculty and geriatrician faculty advisors.
helmswheel bullet Recruitment:
Geriatric Interest Group (GIG) student leaders recruit first and second year medical students, and graduate nursing students. 
helmswheel bullet Student Navigator Resource Manual & Faculty Guide: includes modules on geriatric prescribing, effective communication with older persons, and geriatric specialty-specific considerations.
helmswheel bullet Training: Geriatrician faculty advisors facilitate small group sessions with SNs 
helmswheel bullet Demonstrate: integration of care across specialties
helmswheel bullet 
Optional Enrichment Elective: SN participation is noted on transcript. 

Program Information
  PDF Icon Navigator Program Overview 
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Program Implementation
Evaluation Forms


PDF Icon Senior Patient Navigator Program Manual (AY2012-2013) BlueNew


PDF Icon Module I: Communicating with Older Adults 
         Online Module: Communication & Health Literacy in Older Adults  [not active]
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Module II: Geriatric Prescribing
PDF Icon Module III: Geriatric Specialty-Specific Considerations
PDF Icon Module IV: End-of-Life Care and Considerations

  PDF Icon Program Student Pamphlet
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Program Patient Pamphlet
PDF Icon Patient Information Sheet (Blank)
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The Navigator Program was developed by the University of Massachusetts Medical School Advancing Geriatrics Education (AGE) program, which is supported by a grant from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.© UMMS Navigator materials are subject to copyright protection.