Leave A Bequest

Many alumni and friends find that the easiest way to make a significant gift to UMass Medical School/UMass Memorial is through a bequest – a will, life insurance, retirement plans or through a trust. Bequests offer flexibility in that you are able to retain the use of your assets during your lifetime and you can make changes at any time to reflect your philanthropic and financial goals. You can provide for the future of UMass Medical School/UMass Memorial by creating a new will or revocable trust, adding a codicil to your present will, or designating UMass as the beneficiary of your retirement plan, insurance policy, donor advised fund, or private foundation.

To learn more about leaving a legacy through bequest or about planning a gift to UMass Medical School/UMass Memorial please contact us via e-mail.

To view language for a sample bequest click here.

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