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Current Projects

1) Deaf Trauma Study

This study explored Deaf people’s experiences of trauma, how they received help after trauma, and suggestions for improving Deaf trauma services in Massachusetts. We recruited individuals who were: Deaf/hard-of-hearing, used American Sign Language, age 21+, lived in Massachusetts, and had experienced trauma. The study involved a one-hour interview at UMass in Worcester. Data are currently being analyzed. Keep an eye out for the results!

2) Treatment of Trauma and Addiction in the Deaf Community

Trauma and addiction are widespread in the Deaf population and underlie/co-occur with a broad spectrum of mental health problems. For these reasons, developing Deaf-accessible therapies for trauma and addiction is a first step to reduce the behavioral health disparities experienced by this group. We are currently developing a Deaf-accessible toolkit for Seeking Safety, an evidence-based therapy manual for trauma and substance abuse. After this toolkit is complete, we will test it with Deaf clients to get their feedback and see if it works. Look for updates about opportunities to participate in this research - coming soon!  

3) Deaf ACCESS: Adapting Consent through Community Engagement and State-of-the-art Simulation

This study, through a community-engaged approach, aims toadapt the informed consent process within the Dead and hard of hearing communities so all required components are properly communicated and understood. Community forums and focus groups will lead to a prototype training intervention, that will apply medical simulation techniques to train those recruiting and enrolling Deaf participants in biomedical research.

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