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Correlations with Autism and Developmental measures

  • The RITA-T total scores correlates with the DSM-5 total number (Pearson r = 0.78 & 0.76, N =42; p <0.0001 respectively).
  • The RITA-T total score also correlates with the ADOS total score r=0.79 (N=25; p<0.001).
  • The difference in the average total RITA-T score of the Autistic Disorder “AD” (21.3; SD=3.4) and the “ASD” (16.4; SD=3.6) groups based on ADOS classification is significant: the mean RITA-T total scores for the AD group and the ASD groups were significantly different from one another (p<0.001).
  • The RITA-T total scores does not correlate with chronological age across all samples.
  • Final clinical diagnoses provided are highly related to DSM-5 checklist diagnostic assignment (Yates Chi Square = 29.7; p<0.000001).

Cut off score: We calculated Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive Predictive Value, and Negative Predictive Value for each obtained cutoff score observed on the RITA-T between 7 and 27 compared to final clinical diagnosis). A cutoff score of 14 (i.e., a RITA-T total score higher than 14) provides the best balance of Sensitivity, Specificity, and PPV (Sensitivity of 1, Specificity of 0.84, PPV of 0.88). At this cutoff score, the Negative Predictive Value (NPV) is 1, meaning no toddlers who scored 14 or below on the RITA-T has been provided with a diagnosis of ASD.


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