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Sensory activities at home

Friday, May 29, 2020
By:  DBP team

We’re back with more ideas to keep you and your toddlers occupied while we all social distance.

There are several benefits to sensory activities for children as noted by First Discoverers:

  • “Stimulating the brain, creating neural pathways, and improving sensory processing systems”
  • “Improving social skills such as communication and cooperation”
  • “Improving coordination, as well as fine/gross motor skills”
  • “Calming children down when they are agitated”

With these needs in mind, they have come up with 10 sensory activities for children with autism: 

  1. Scented playdough
  2. Car wash
  3. Mud kitchen
  4. Homemade musical instruments
  5. Footprint painting
  6. Tasting game
  7. Cornflour slime
  8. Frozen toys
  9. Sand table
  10. Bubble snakes

 Their website walks you through all the necessary materials and how to assemble the activity. Our personal favorites are the car wash and the cornflour slime!

We Are Teachers has also given ideas for PreK and Kindergarten teachers for making sensory tables and you can easily do it right at home! Their article contains additional links with various ideas for sensory tables and bins that we highly suggest checking out. One of our favorites is the messy sensory table – it keeps the items and any slimes or liquids contained. Because the weather is starting to warm up, you can set up the table in your backyard and that will double up as outdoor time and your child can get some sun.

Here are the links to First Discoverers and We Are Teachers: