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In-Person RITA-T Workshop Training: Are You Interested?

Thursday, May 23, 2019
By:  DBP team

In addition to our online training for the RITA-T (, we have been actively doing in person RITA-T workshop trainings.

Dr. Roula Choueiri will be training groups and lead discussions in ways to integrate this screening test into their own practice's system.

The details for each training are listen below:

May 28th - RITA-T training UMass Medical School for Pediatric Interns.

June 1st - Training at Childrens Hospital of Phoenix, Arizona.

June 6th - Training at UMass Medical School in Worcester for local Early Intervention providers and early childhood development clinicians and specialists.

Are you interested in joining an in person RITA-T Training Workshop?

You can connect with us at

RITA-T Training in Andover
Governor Baker Visits a Training in Andover, MA on March 28th, 2019