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Back to School Tips!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
By:  DBP team

Children with autism tend to do better when a consistent routine is established but major transitions such as summer vacation to starting a new school year can be disruptive to their comfortable routine. The Marcus Autism Center and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles list several ways you can ease your child’s back to school stress and can help him/her transition into the new school year more smoothly. 

  • Talking about school early on can help your child begin the transition. Setting expectations for the new school year can help.
  • If your child has friends in his/her class, set up playdates – this will allow them to feel more comfortable and reconnect before the break is over
  • School supplies shopping can be a fun activity that makes your child more excited about the new school year. Incorporating sensory-friendly supplies can be beneficial.
  • Contact your child’s school to visit the classroom and area. Allowing them to take a look at the new environment will help as well as meeting new teachers and administrators. Speaking to teachers beforehand can give you a chance to discuss seating and potential opportunities to make your child feel the most comfortable in the new classroom.
  • Contact the school to see if you can keep the same aide for your child and try to maintain consistency between the two school years.
  • Taking pictures to create a picture book or social story of their school routine 

These tips can help your child adapt more easily to the changes and allow them to succeed in the upcoming school year.

Link to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles article:

Link to the Marcus Autism Center article:

Back to School

Back to School! (Image from the U.S. Department of Education)