Attention to anyone interested in the online training program being developed for the RITA-T: If you have filled out the inquiry form we will contact you as soon as we have an official launch date for the program. At this point we are very close, and are now only waiting on logistical approval. We appreciate your interest and are working hard to make this training available as soon as possible! 

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Why is Early Identification of Autism so important?

“Early identification leads to earlier and more effective interventions that can often significantly reduce the severity of the disorder. Unfortunately, the average age of ASD diagnosis in the US is around 4 years. There is thus an urgent public health need for efficient early identification.”

- Roula Choueiri, MD, Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics


Why a Level 2 Screening Test?

Level 2 screening tests differentiate between ASD and other delays, resulting in more appropriate ASD evaluations. (Interactive level 2 screeners are preferred as they may be more likely to trigger atypical behaviors). Current Interactive level 2 ASD screening tests:

Benefits of RITA-t

  • The training for reliable administration and scoring of the RITA-T is easily accomplished in about 3 hours of targeted training with a small group of clinicians.
  • The RITA-T can be administered and scored within about 10 minutes.
  • The RITA-T differentiates extremely well between toddlers with ASD and toddlers with Developmental Delay (DD) /Non-ASD.
  • Toddlers with no apparent developmental delay and toddlers with developmental or language delays, but with intact social communication skills, score comparably on the RITA-T.
  • The RITA-T correlates well with established diagnostic measures of ASD.