How We Can Help You

If you are interested in partnering with the outside world, there are many ways we can help you. Among our many services, our office:

  • Educates personnel about partnering (see our MassTERI site).
  • Advises researchers about the commercial potential of their work
    • If you think you have something interesting, contact us now!
    • See when our MassTERi Task Force will be scouting for projects in your department.
  • Facilitates connections to companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and expert consultants. 
  • Guides all sponsored research, licensing, and spin out activities.
  • Proactively identifies potential researchers for sponsored research projects.
  • Coordinates campus-wide engagement activities with industry.
  • Handles business negotiations and teaming agreements with collaborators.
  • Promotes access to your facilities for outside users.
  • Helps various departments and offices craft “standard” contract terms, policies, and procedures related to partnering that give you more flexibility and position you for more successful outcome.
  • Has the authority to solve the vast majority of problems that may arise during partnering activities.
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