For External Partners

The Office of Innovation and Business Development helps you get the most from University of Massachusetts Medical School’s research resources. We are a “Welcome Lobby” where you can readily find partnering information, contacts, and help. It is our job to ensure that UMMS’ partnering policies, procedures, and activities are efficient, flexible, responsive, and “win-win”.

There are plenty of reasons to work with us:

One Point of Contact

Research universities can be hard places to navigate if you don’t have a guide. Our customer-focused business center covers the entire UMMS research enterprise and the campus’ ~ 1,300 faculty members. Contact Us

Beyond Basic Research

We enable all sponsored research, licensing, and spinout activities on campus. We can help you design and administer projects ranging from the simple to the complex. Through our Office of Technology Management, we prepare contracts with flexible terms aimed at maximizing every project’s probability of success while ensuring that all parties’ intellectual property rights are protected. If you are interested in clinical research, we can connect you to our Center for Clinical and Translational Science.

Facility Access

In R&D, sometimes just having the right analytical tool or research service at the right time can make all the difference. UMMS has 33 Core Facilities available for your use at reasonably priced fee-for-service rates. Our office is your gateway to accessing these unique and valuable resources.  

Efficient Administration

UMMS’ partnering infrastructure—legal, grants and contracts, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, accounting, and business operations—generally operates very well.  However, as with any large organization, red tape sometimes rears its ugly head. Our office is charged with resolving any such issues and we have the authority to adjudicate the vast majority of potential conflicts.  

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