Master Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists Registry

The University of Massachusetts Medical School

The Master Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists (CTTS-M) listed below have
• undergone extensive training in tobacco dependence treatment.
• a minimum of 2000 hours of experience specifically in delivering tobacco dependence treatment services.
• met all the requirements for UMass Medical School certification as a Master CTTS as described elsewhere on this site.

They work in a wide variety of health-care and community settings and have a wealth of experience and expertise. Although they reside all over the country, many are currently in the New England area and are available for consultation, service delivery and/or training.

Please note that these Master CTTSs work independently or within their own health-care system, set their own fee scale, and are not employed by or associated with the University of Massachusetts Medical School.




Maria Ahlin MA
Betty Jane Ahearn  PA
Healther Osterberg-Aloi CT
Wafa Al-Azmi Saudi Arabia
Laurie Augello NY
Denese Bell DE
Linda Bibbee TX
Becky Bouillon OH
Roberta Delsignore Brooks  MA
Martha Brough  RI
Joyce Brown MI
Maureen Buckley  MA
Christine Canapinno CT
Jane Carlisle IN
Daphne Carvalho  MA
Merry Casey PA
Vikki Chavez NM
Ryan (Jonathan) Coffman PA
Sarah Cosgrove VT
Angel Cosme MA
Rosemarie Davidson  WY
Nicole Day MA
Carolina Dudley MI
Cheryl Duval  MA
Lisa Duval CT
Beth Ewy MA
Sharon Forsstrom RI
Patricia Frick PA
Laura Fryia Ontario, Canada
Gwen Gannon MA
Claire Gignac Ontario, Canada
Susan Gross MI
Amy Hamilton Forester NC
Gwendolyn Hannan VT
Talli Harman OH
Doris L. Harris MA
Elizabeth Hayes RI
Cheryl Horn OH
Patrice Houston TX
Marilyn A. Huffman MA
Brenda Juskavitch MA
Atsuko Kawai Yamagata, Japan
Jennifer Kulesa Kelley MA
Ann Melinda Kraft CT
Donna Levesque RI
Constance Maes TX
Nancy McCleary MA
Kathy McKool MA
Carol McMahon MA
Alice Miele MA
Mary Moeller OH
Michelle Babcock Mohrman OH
Linda Morris OH
Bettye Muwwakkil MD
Kathryn Neves MA
Maureen G. O’Brien NY
Rosemary O’Brien RI
Alice Dalla Palu PA
Neel Pandya MI
Maria Parisi MA
Martha Pearson AK
Scott Pelletier RI
Arline Pineda RI
Judy Poglitsch CT
Nancy Popp MA
Emily Preston Rahim MI
Michelle Rapoza  MA
James Reilly  MA
Thomas Reiser RI
Julie Gumban Roberts MI
Vicki Kuula-Ross Ontario, Canada
Mary Roth RI
Debbie Rushing AR
Margaret (Peggy) Russo MA
Mary Sanderson NY
Mary Schmigel NY
Patricia Sesar MA
Gregory Seward  MA
Evelyn A. Sikorski  VT
Evelyn Smith VT
Shunaiber Tauhid MA
Renata Tate  PA
Linda White TX
Cheryl Yates  PA

Updated 5-28-14