UMass Division of Plastic Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residents
UMass Plastic Surgery Residents

Mostafa Noury
PGY6, University of Massachusetts

Joyce McIntyre
PGY6, University of Massachusetts

Craig Rowin
PGY5, University of Connecticut

Mark Albert
PGY4, Michigan State University

Samander Dowlatshahi
PGY4, University of Freiburg Medical School/University of Massachussetts

David Lee
PGY3, University of Rochester

Aparjit Naram
PGY3, Albany State University

Sana Bhatti
PGY2, University of Mississippi

Sean Figy
PGY2, University of Toledo

Eleanor Goldwasser
PGY1, Pennsylvania State University 

Jason Crespo
PGY1, University of Connecticut

Rotation Schedule

UMass Plastic Surgery Residency Rotations

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