School of Medicine and Graduate School of Nursing students that are applying for away rotations will need to submit their forms to Student Health to be filled out.  Please submit all your rotation application forms together, if possible, and include your name and date of birth on each form.

Please allow 2-3 days for SH to complete these forms.

When the form has been completed, the Student Health Secretary will send you an e-mail they are completed or will notify you if further information, labs or vaccines are needed.

If you are sick and need medical care while you are at an off site/ away rotation, please contact your Primary Care Provider (PCP). Or, if available, you may contact an urgent care clinic in your area. (Please be sure to check your insurance coverage).

If you are in need of emergent care, please go to your closest Emergency Room.

Any student that has an injury at their away rotation site, or a blood borne pathogen exposure should contact that institutions Employee Health department ASAP for emergent evaluation. (Refer to injuries/exposure section of this website for more details).

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