Yearbook Class of 2013

 Yearbook Committee:                                                                                                       Yearbook Forms:
  • Mary Le
  • Nathalee Kong
  • Jacquelyn Chambers
  • Stuart Murray
  • Shelley Yang
  • Judith Wilber
                                                                                                      Facutly/Staff Ad Form 


To Facutly & Staff,

We are writing on behalf of the UMass Medical School Class of 2013 to ask you to support the annual yearbook.

Over the past four years, you have played an important role in our education. You have become mentors and role models as we pursued our careers in medicine. We would love to have you become a permanent part of the history of our class through your ads in our yearbook.

We need to raise a significant sum of money in order to make this yearbook a success. Therefore, we would appreciate any help you would be willing to provide, either as individuals or as an entire department. In the past, faculty members have chosen to include pictures, well wishes, and fond memories in their ads. Attached, you will find a pricing sheet and an ad order form. Ad prices range from $150 for a quarter-page to $250 for a full-page.

If you are interested in placing an ad in the yearbook, we will need to have your ad/ideas and payment by April 27, 2013. Please email the pictures and/or writing you want included on the page, as well as how you want the page to be designed, to Please make checks payable to “Yearbook” and send to Judy Holewa in the Office of Student Affairs.

Thank you in advance for your support. We hope to see you at Match Day and Graduation!


Mary Le, Nathalee Kong, Jacquelyn Chambers, Stuart Murray, Shelley Yang, Judith Wilber
Yearbook Committee, Class of 2013

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