Student Pagers

General Information:
    • All pager transactions are handled through the Office of Student Affairs, S1-131 (requests, returns, replacements, payments).

    • Pagers are required for all Core Clinical medical students.

    • Fees: 
      Administrative fee (new requests):    $2.50
      Standard lease fee:    $8.00/mo.
      Replacement fee (lost or stolen):    $100.00
  • Pagers are available for pick up beginning of the first week of Core Clinical Experiences in May.

  • Students must complete a Pager Request form and return it along with a check in the amount of $98.50 (made payable to "UMMS Student Pagers") to the Office of Student Affairs at which time a pager will be distributed.  The pager fee covers the first year of lease May 1st-April 30th.   

     Advanced Studies Students:

  • Advanced Studies students are required to keep their pagers until all electives at University/Memorial campus are complete.  Students may choose to keep their pager for the academic year noting that standard lease fees of $8.00 /month will apply.
  • Extending Advanced Studies Students: Extended students should be aware that the rental fee is $8.00/month payable in advance each academic year. 
  • Students on a Leave of Absence (LOA): Students have the option of returning the pager prior to leaving.  Lease fees apply until the pager is returned to Student Affairs.
  • MD/PhD Students:  Please return your pager to the Office of Student Affairs upon entering the PhD portion of your program.  Pager fee balance will be due upon returning the pager.   
  • Please note that standard lease fees of $8.00/month will apply from May1 until the pager is returned to the Office of Student Affairs.

Pagers must be returned to the Office of Student Affairs. Returning your pager is a part of the "Certification for Graduation" process. The Office of Student Affairs must verify that a student's pager has been returned and all applicable fees have been paid prior to completing this process and graduating. 

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    Contact OSA

    Debra Leger
    Administrative Assistant

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