UMMS Student Groups & Organizations

Student Body Committee

The Student Body Committee (SBC) is the administrative arm of the student government, a liaison between the students, faculty, and administration. The SBC is responsible for allocating the student activities fund that is collected as part of our tuition, for selecting students to represent our school on various school and hospital committees, as well as promoting a sense of unity between all schools here at UMass. The SBC collaborates with many student groups and works with the administration throughout the year on many issues from academic to fund raising.   The SBC also plans events to enrich the medical school experience, such as a bowling night or a charity auction.

Co-Presidents: Peter Cruz-Gordillo and Amarilys Rojas

Secretary:  Caroline Yang
Treasurer:  Nicholas Lunig
Member-at-Large:  Robert Martin

Student Representatives:
Peter Cruz-Gordillo
Nicholas Lunig
Robert Martin
Amarilys Rojas
Caroline Young

Jacob Koshy
Sean Maloney
Malek Mazzawi
Miriam O'Neil
Racquel Wells  

Eric Evan-Browning
Rebecca Lumsden
Matthew Sloan
Nina Suresh
Emily Tsanotelis

Daryl Blaney
Peter Brancale
Katie Goble
Matt Janko
Sara-Grace Reynolds 
rev. 03/11/14