Elective List by Course 

Number Course Name Type Location 
SU-401 General Surgery Subinternship A UMMHC- University & Memorial
SU-402 NeurosurgeryB1 UMMHC-University Affiliated
SU-403 *Pediatric Surgery A UMMHC-University Campus
SU-404 *Surgical Intensive CareA UMMHC-University & Affiliated
SU-405 Clinical Anatomy C UMMHC-University Campus 
SU-408 Colorectal SurgeryA UMMHC-Memorial Campus
SU-410 Otolaryngology B1 UMMHC-University & Affiliated
SU-412 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery A UMMHC-University & Hahnemann Campuses
SU-413Trauma SurgeryAUMMHC-University Campus
SU-414 *Urologic SurgeryB1 UMMHC-University & Affiliated
SU-415 Vascular & Endovascular SurgeryA UMMHC-University Campus
SU-419 Surgical Oncology (Subinternship) AUMMHC-Memorial Campus
SU-426Organ Donation   B2UMass-Memorial Affiliated / N.E. Organ Bank   

Solid Organ Transplantation & Hepatobiliary Surgery 

AUMMHC-University Campus
SU-465 Thoracic Surgery A UMMHC-Memorial Campus
SU-486 *Introduction to Ophthalmology B2UMMHC-Hahnemann Campus
SU-489Subinternship in Acute Care Surgery                AUMMHC-University

* Denotes the possibility of a two week elective option.
   Please contact the elective coordinator listed in the course
   description for details.