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Elective List by Course

Number Course Name Type Location
RA-400Diagnostic Radiology CUMMHC-University Campus
RA-400Diagnostic Radiology CSt. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center
RA-400Diagnostic Radiology CBerkshire Medical Center
RA-402Vascular/Interventional Radiology B2UMMHC-University Campus
RA-403Modern Neuroradiologic Imaging B2UMMHC-Univeristy
RA-405Clinical Radiation Oncology B2UMMHC-University Campus
RA-422 *Pediatric Radiology B2  UMMHC-University Campus
XX-421Clinical Nuclear MedicineCUMMHC-University Campus

Denotes the possibility of a two week elective option.
   Please contact the elective coordinator listed in the course
   description for details.