International Medicine * Elective Course Description

Course Name

International Medicine | Community Health (Clinical)

Course Number


Elective Type



Colleen Burnham
International Medical Education
Office of Undergraduate Medical Education


Elective Advisor home department

Sites Available

Worldwide | non-Domestic
Elective Advisor must be a member of the UMass Faculty

Months Offered

E1, M1-M10

Number of Students per Month



Completion of Core Clinical Experiences year (CCE | MS3)

* Offered to UMass Students Only 

Elective Description To expose students to the health problems and health systems of developing and developed countries and to have them participate in providing care to indigenous populations. Visit the UMMS Office of Global Health (OGH) website for information about electives for which there is a current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 

Note * Offered to UMass Students Only

Location Countries worldwide (non-Domestic)

Website Additional information can be found on the UMMS OUME International Medical Education website: Contact the UMMS OUME International Medical Education Program via

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