Student Affairs Elective

Family Medicine & Community Health

Elective List by Course

Number    Course Name Type Location
FC-400Family Medicine SubinternshipA UMMHC-Memorial Campus
FC-401 *Family PracticeB1Individual Preceptor Sites

Outpatient Student Health Care

B1 Clark University, WPI, Holy Cross
FC-413 *Sports MedicineB1Fitchburg/Worcester
FC-415 *Health Care for the Homeless B1 Homeless Shelters and Outreach Centers
FC-418 *Oral Health B2 Various sites in and around Worcester
FC-419 *Rural Family Medicine B1 Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket Island and Berkshire Sites
FC-423 *Family Health Center Based Subinternship A Hahnemann Family Health Ctr./ Worcester Family Health Ctr./ Barre Family Health Ctr.
FC-428 *Medical Writing and Evidence Based Medicine C University Campus
FC-429 *Community Medicine: Underserved Populations B1 Community Health Connections, Family Health Ctr, Fitchburg, MA
FC-436 *Scientific Writing Elective C

University campus, other options available

FC-445 On Leadership and Being a Medical Professional C UMMHC - University Campus
FC-448 *Quality and Patient Safety C UMMHC University Campus
FC-450 *Family Medicine Office Subintership A Community Health Connections, Family Health Ctr, Fitchburg, MA
FC-491 Principles & Practice of Preventive Medicine and Public Health C UMMHC-University & Mass. Dept of Public Health, Boston
ME-4102Palliative Care Medicine B1UMMHC-University & Memorial Campuses

* Denotes the possibility of a two week elective option.
   Please contact the elective coordinator listed in the course
   description for details.