Advanced Studies (AS) Required Courses




One Approved Subinternships by the Educational Policy Committee (EPC):  Internal Medicine, Family, Pediatrics and Surgery

Majid Yazdani, MD 
Internal Medicine

Senior Scholars Program (Optional)

Judith Savageau, MPH

One Advanced Biomedical and Translational Sciences (ABTS)
(Beginning with the Class of 2014)

Jane Freedman, MD
Eric Mick, ScD

One Emergency Clinical Problem Solver (ECPS)
(Beginning with the Class of 2014)

Paul Zgurzynski, MD

Capstone Scholarship and Discovery Course (CSD)

Rachel Gerstein PhD
Lela Giannaris PhD
Steven Hatch MD MS
Christina Hermos MD
Caroline Ionete MD PhD

Advanced Studies Electives



Assignment to Required Courses

Initial assignments to required Advanced Studies (AS) courses along with a few Type A and B1 electives will be made by the Office of Student Affairs using the E*Value Optimization Scheduling (EVOS) process.  Students must pre-register to participate in EVOS. The Student Affairs (SA) Administrator will e-mail rising 3rd year students an EVOS pre-registration link. Information will be distributed on how to logon and participate in E*Value at the Career’s in Medicine part II meeting.

EVOS uses a complex mathematical program to assign the highest possible preferences for all registered students. Once students have saved their preferences, they can return to E*Value at any time while the preferences are open and review or edit their selections. While the computer tries to honor student’s preferences, no guarantee can be made that a student’s preferences will be reflected in actual rotation assignments.

Once the E*Value Optimization Scheduling results are released, a short period of time will be allowed for students to make switches.  Student Affairs will manage individual scheduling requests utilizing an application built into the E*Value software. The process will allow students to enter their schedule change requests directly into the E*Value interface, then the SA Administrator will have the option to manage the request by Accepting, or Rejecting the request.

After this period, E*Value schedules will be considered final and automatically transferred to the students’ official People Soft schedules.  Additional E*Value Optimization FAQ's can be found here.

Students should not schedule required subinternships or elective rotations in the same time period they are planning to do ACLS, USMLE Board Exam, or Residency Interviews.


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