Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles by SPARC Faculty & Staff

Some files are available in PDF format. Free PDF viewer available from Adobe.

Special Projects

Adult_Willingness Willingness to Use Email and Social Media for Peer-to-Peer Cancer Screening Communication
Cutrona, Roblin, Wagner, Gaglio, Williams,Torres Stone, Field, & Mazor - 2013


american journal of public health Health Status, Neighborhood Socioeconomic Context & Premature Mortality in the United States: The NIH-AARP Diet & Health Study
Doubeni, Schootman, Major, Torres Stone, Laiyemo, Park, Lian, Messer, Graubard, Sinha, Hollenbeck & Schatzkin - 2012


Amer Journal of Epidemiology Geographic Variation in Colorectal Cancer Survival and the Role of Small-Area Socioeconomic
Deprivation: A Multilevel Survival Analysis of the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study Cohort

Lian, Schootman, Doubeni, Park, Major, Torres Stone, Laiyemo, Hollenbeck, Graubard & Schatzkin - 2011


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