Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles by SPARC Faculty & Staff

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Parents & Families

Decisional capacity in pregnancy Decisional Capacity in Pregnancy: A Complex Case of Pregnancy Termination

Zalpuri, Byatt, Gramman, Dresner & Brendel - 2015 



Exposure to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors Exposure To Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors In Late Pregnancy Increases The Risk Of Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension Of The Newborn, But the Absolute Risk Is Low

Byatt & Freeman - 2015 



Exploring Knowledge Exchange Exploring Knowledge Exchange at the Research-policy-practice Interface in Children's Behavioral Health Services

Leslie, Maciolek, Biebel, Debordes-Jackson & Nicholson – 2014  



Implementing an intervention Implementing An Intervention For Parents With Mental Illness: Building Workforce Capacity

Biebel, Woolsey & Nicholson - 2014 



MCPAP for Moms MCPAP For Moms: Addressing Perinatal Depression For Maternal/Child Health

Biebel & Byatt - 2014 



Pharmacotherapy for mood disorders in pregnancy Pharmacotherapy For Mood Disorders In Pregnancy: A Review of Pharmacokinetic Changes And Clinical Recommendations For Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Deligiannidis, Byatt & Freeman - 2014 



What happens to mental health treatment during pregnancy? What Happens to Mental Health Treatment During Pregnancy? Women's Experience with Prescribing Providers

Weinreb, Byatt, Moore Simas, Tenner & Savageau - 2014 



Community Mental Health Community Mental Health Provider Reluctance To Provide Pharmacotherapy May Be A Barrier To Addressing Perinatal Depression: A Preliminary Study

Byatt, Biebel, Debordes‐Jackson, Lindquist, Moore Simas, Weinreb & Ziedonis- 2013 



Patient's views on depression Patient's Views On Depression Care In Obstetric Settings: How Do They Compare To The Views of Perinatal Health Care Professionals?

Byatt, Biebel, Friedman, Debordes‐Jackson, Ziedonis & Pbert – 2013  



Women’s perspectives on postpartum depression Women’s Perspectives On Postpartum Depression Screening In Pediatric Settings: A Preliminary Study

Byatt, Biebel, Friedman, Debordes‐Jackson & Ziedonis - 2013 



Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy: A Critical Review Focusing on Controversies and Risks

Byatt, Deliginnadis & Freeman - 2013 



A Collaborative Care Model A Collaborative Care Model to Improve Access to Pediatric Mental Health Services

Aupont, Doerfler, Connor, Stille, Tisminetzky & McLaughlin - 2013 



adolescent_input Adolescent Input Into Custody Decisions: Evaluating Decision-Making Capacities

Larson & McGill - 2010 



building_the_evidence Guest Editorial: BuildingThe Evidence Base For Families Living With Parental Mental Illness
Nicholson - 2009



family_options_for_parents Family Options For Parents With Mental Illnesses: A Developmental, Mixed Methods Pilot Study

Nicholson, Albert, Gershenson, Williams & Biebel - 2009



family_options_for_parents Supporting Clubhouse Members in Their Role as Parents: Necessary Conditions for Policy and Practice Initiatives
Hinden, Wolf, Biebel & Nicholson - 2009



family_options_for_parents Why Not Support(ed) Parenting

Nicholson & Deveney - 2009



building_the_foundation Building the Foundation for the Family Options Project

Nicholson, Biebel, Williams & Albert - 2008




When Parents with Severe Mental Illness Lose Contact with Their Children: Are Psychiatric Symptoms or Substance Use to Blame
Jones, Lillianne Macias, Gold, Fisher & Barreira - 2007



a_qualitative_study A Qualitative Study of Programs For Parents with Serious Mental Illness and Their Children: Building Practice-Based Evidence
Nicholson, Hinden, Biebel, Henry & Katz-Leavy - 2007



integrating_behavior Integrating Behavioral Health Services For Homeless Mothers and Children in Primary Care
Weinreb, Nicholson, Williams & Anthes - 2007



a_comparison_of_mothers A Comparison of Mothers with Co-Occurring Disorders and Histories of Violence Living With or Separated from Minor Children
Nicholson, Finkelstein, Williams, Thom, Noether & DeVilbiss - 2006




A Comparison of the Health and Mental Health Status of Homeless Mothers in Worcester, Mass: 1993 and 2003
Weinreb, Buckner & Williams - 2006




A National Survey of State Mental Health Authority Programs and Policies for Clients Who Are Parents: A Decade Later
Biebel, JNicholson, Geller & Fisher - 2006



a_survey_of_programs A Survey of Programs for Parents with Mental Illness and Their Families: Identifying Common Elements to Build the Evidence Base
Hinden, Biebel, Nicholson, Henry & Katz-Leavy - 2006




family_options_for_parents Developmental Research and the Child Advocacy Process

Grisso & Steinberg - 2006 



family_options_for_parents Frontline Reports: The Clubhouse Family Legal Support Project for Parents with Mental Illness
Nemens & Nicholson





The Premature Demise of Public Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Beds : Part II: Challenges and Implications
Geller & Biebel - 2006




The Premature Demise of Public Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Beds : Part I: Overview and Current Conditions
Geller & Biebel 2006



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