Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles by SPARC Faculty & Staff

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Adult Criminal Justice & Diversion

Gender differences in mental health Gender Differences in Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders and Treatment Entry among Justice-involved Veterans in the Veterans Health Administration
Finlay, Binswanger, Smelson, Sawh, McGuire, Rosenthal, Blue-Howells, Timko, Blodgett, Harris, & Frayne - 2015



Assessment Practices and Expert Judgment Methods Assessment Practices and Expert Judgment Methods in Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry: An International Snapshot
Neal & Grisso - 2014



Cognitive Underpinnings The Cognitive Underpinnings of Bias in Forensic Mental Health Evaluations
Neal & Grisso - 2014



Ethical Principles

Ethical Principles and the Communication of Forensic Mental Health Assessments
Allan & Grisso - 2014



Predictive accuracy Predictive Accuracy in the Neuroprediction of Rearrest
Aharoni, Mallett, Vincent, Harenski, Calhoun, Sinnott‐Armstrong, Gazzaniga & Kiehl - 2014



Psychopathic traits Psychopathic Traits Modulate Brain Responses to Drug Cues in Incarcerated Offenders
Cope, Vincent, Jobelius, Nyalakanti, Calhoun & Kiehl - 2014



Neuroprediction of future arrest Neuroprediction of Future Arrest
Aharoni, Vincent, Harenski, Calhoun, Sinnott‐Armstrong, Gazzaniga & Kiehl - 2013



Ten‐year research update Ten‐year Research Update (2001‐2010): Evaluation for Competence to Stand Trial (Adjudicative Competence)
Fogel, Schiffman, Mumley, Tillbrook & Grisso - 2013



assessing_risk_of_violence Assessing Risk of Violence Using Structured Professional Judgment Guidelines
Guy, Packer & Warnken - 2012



evaluation Harmonizing Databases? Developing a Quasi-experimental Design to Evaluate a Public Mental Health Re-entry
Hartwell, Deng, Fisher, Fulwiler, Sambamoorthi, Johnson, Pinals, Sampson & Siegfield - 2012



No sympathy for the devil No Sympathy for the Devil: Attributing Psychopathic Traits to Capital Murderers Also Predicts Support for Executing Them
Edens, Davis, Fernandez & Guy - 2012



jaapl Jury Instructions in a Case with a Defense of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
Lloyd & Packer - 2011



risk_of_arrest Scoring Subjectivity & Item Performance on Measures Used to Assess Violence Risk: The PCL-R & HCR-20 as Exemplars
Rufino, Boccaccini & Guy - 2011



risk_of_arrest Risk of Arrest Among Public Mental Health Services Recipients and the General Public
Fisher, Simon, Roy-Bujnowski, Grudzinskas, Wolff, Crockett & Banks - 2011



medicaid_enrollment Medicaid Enrollment Rates Among Individuals Arrested in the State of Florida Before and at the time of Arrest
Petrila, Haynes, Guo, Fisher, Dion & Springer - 2011



categorizing_temporal Categorizing Temporal Patterns of Arrest in a Cohort of Adults with Serious Mental Illness
Fisher, Banks, Roy-Bujnowski, Grudzinskas, Simon & Wolff - 2010



crisis_intervention_teams Crisis Intervention Teams as the Solution to Managing Crises Involving Persons with Serious Psychiatric Illnesses: Does One Size Fit All?
Fisher & Grudzinskas - 2010



prevalence_of_criminal Prevalence of Criminal Thinking Among State Prison Inmates with Serious Mental Illness
Morgan, Fisher, Duan, Mandracchia & Murray - 2010



police_induced_confessions Police-induced Confessions: Risk Factors and Recommendations, Law and Human Behavior 
Kassin, Drizin, Grisso, Gudjonsson, Leo & Redlich - 2010




the_role The Role of Psychopathic Personality Disorder in Violence Risk Assessments Using the HCR-20

Guy, Douglas & Hendry - 2010



sex_offending Sex Offending and Serious Mental Illness: Directions for Policy and Research
Harris, Fisher, Veysey,  Ragusa & Lurigio - 2010



the_impact The Impact of Regionalization on Reentry Service Outcomes For Individuals With Severe Mental Illness
Hartwell, Fisher & Deng- 2009




Violence and Mental Illness: A New Analytic Approach
Lidz, Banks, Simon, Schubert & Mulvey - 2007



drug_related Drug-Related Arrests in a Cohort of Public Mental Health Service Recipients 

Fisher, Wolff, Grudzinskas, Roy-Bujnowski, Banks & Clayfield - 2007



agression_toward Aggression Toward Forensic Evaluators: A Statewide Survey 

Leavitt, Presskreischer, Maykuth & Grisso - 2006




Beyond Criminalization: Toward A Criminologically Informed Framework For Mental Health Policy and Services Research
Fisher, Silver & Wolff - 2006




Gender Differences in Attitudes Toward Psychopathic Sexual
Guy & Edens - 2006



patterns_of_prevalence Patterns and Prevalence of Arrest in a Statewide Cohort of Mental Health Care Consumers

Fisher, Roy-Bujnowski, Grudzinskas, Clayfield, Banks & Wolff - 2006



the_classification The Classification of Violence Risk

Monahan, Steadman, Appelbaum, Grisso, Mulvey, Roth, Clark Robbins, Banks & Silver - 2006



psychiatric_symptoms Psychiatric Symptoms and Community Violence Among High-Risk Patients: A Test of the Relationship at the Weekly Level

Skeem, Schubert, Odgers, Mulvey, Gardner & Lidz - 2006





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