Multicultural Mental Health

Program Description

Eliminating racial/ethnic and cultural-linguistic disparities in the delivery, quality and utilization of health care services has emerged as a national and Massachusetts Department of Mental Health priority.

Our multicultural research and dissemination activities focus on developing knowledge and culturally informed interventions aimed at promoting health and wellness among members of racial/ethnic minority and immigrant populations. Current areas of research include: tobacco dependence treatment; innovations in addiction treatment; culturally tailored interventions for post traumatic stress and co-occurring disorders among children, adolescents, and young adults; improving access to mental health services and vocational rehabilitation programs.

We are interested in: 

  • Promoting clinical services, research, and evaluation initiatives for promoting health and wellness
  • Providing cultural competency expertise to community health organizations for the implementation of evidence based treatments
  • Conducting rigorous research to develop culturally informed interventions and to test their effectiveness
  • Translating knowledge gained from our research into recommendations for policy and practice


Stone ImageRosalie Torres Stone, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry


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