Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles by SPARC Faculty & Staff

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Implementation of mindfulness training for mental health staff Implementation of Mindfulness Training for Mental Health Staff: Organizational Context and Stakeholder Perspectives
Byron, Ziedonis, McGrath, Frazier, DeTorrijos & Fulwiler - 2015



E-Mail to promote colorectal cancer screening E-Mail to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening within Social Networks: Acceptability and Content
Cutrona, Wagner, Roblin, Gaglio, Williams, Torres Stone & Mazor - 2015



A splitting brain: Imbalanced neural networks in schizophrenia A Splitting Brain: Imbalanced Neural Networks in Schizophrenia
Li, Deng, Chen, He, Wang, Huang, Jiang, Gong, Ziedonis, King, Ma, Zhang & Li - 2015



The development and expression The Development and Expression of Physical Nicotine Dependence Corresponds to Structural and Functional Alterations in the Anterior Cingulate‐precuneus Pathway
Huang, King, Ursprung, Zheng, Zhang, Kennedy & DiFranza - 2014



Integrating mindfulness into your daily routine Integrating Mindfulness into Your Daily Routine
Ziedonis, Fulwiler & Tonelli - 2014



Adult willingness to use email Adult Willingness to Use Email and Social Media for Peer‐to‐Peer Cancer Screening Communication: Quantitative Interview Study
Cultrona, Roblin, Wagner, Gaglio, Williams, Torres Stone & Mazor - 2013



Dorsal/ventral Dorsal/Ventral Parcellation of the Amygdala: Relevance to Impulsivity and Aggression
Gopal,Clark, Allgair, D'Amato, Furman, Gansler & Fulwiler - 2013



Neuroreport Amygdala-Orbitofrontal Resting-State Functional Connectivity is Associated With Trait Anger
Fulwiler, King & Zhang - 2012



Journal of Dual Diagnosis Shared Decision Making & Behavioral Spport Interventions for People with Severe Mental Illness & Tobacco Dependence
Mistler, Brunette & Ziedonis - 2012



Journal of Dual Diagnosis Peer Supports for Tobacco Cessation for Adults with Serious Mental Illness: A Review of the Literature
McKay & Dickerson - 2012



Journal of Dual Diagnosis Smoking & Co-occurring Disorders: Implications for Smoking Cessation Interventions for Adolescents in Residential Addictions Treatment
Fortuna, Porche, Alam, Douglass & Kim - 2012



the_effect The Effect of Removing Cost as a Barrier to Treatment Initiation with Outpatient Tobacco Dependence Clinics Among Emergency Department Patients 
Ziedonis, Ozhathil, Abar, Baumann, Camargo Jr. & Boudreaux - 2011



intentions_to_quit Intentions to Quit Smoking: Causal Attribution, Perceived Illness Severity, and Event-Related Fear During an Acute Health Event
Boudreaux, Moon, Baumann, Camargo Jr. O'Hea & Ziedonis - 2010




risk_of_arrest The Internet, Health Promotion, and Community Participation
Nicholson & Rotondi - 2010




a_wellness_approach A Wellness Approach to Addressing Tobacco in Mental Health Settings: Learning About Healthy Living
Williams, Ziedonis, Vreeland, Speelman-Edwards, Zechner, Williams, Rahim, Karimi, Molnar & Eilers - 2009



addressing_tobacco_dependence  Addressing Tobacco Dependence in Psychiatric Practice: Promises and Pitfalls
George & Ziedonis - 2009



psychological_distress_as_a_barrier Psychological Distress as a Barrier to Preventive Healthcare Among U.S. Women
Witt, Kahn, Fortuna, Winickoff, Kuhlthau, Pirraglia & Ferris - 2009




Addressing Tobacco Use Through Organizational Change: A Case Study of an Addiction Treatment Organization 
Ziedonis, Zammarelli, Seward, Oliver, Guydish, Hobart & Meltzer - 2008




Tobacco Use and Cessation in Psychiatric Disorders: National Institute of Mental Health Report
Ziedonis, Hitsman, Beckham, Zvolensky, Adler, Audrain-McGovern, Breslau, Brown, George, Williams, Calhoun & Riley - 2008



tobacco_use_and_dependance Tobacco Use and Dependence in Asian American and Pacific Islander Adolescents: A Review of the Literature
Kim, Ziedonis & Chen - 2008 


family_options_for_parents Health Promotion in Clubhouse Programs: Needs, Barriers, and Current and Planned Activities

McKay & Pellitier - 2007




using_information Using Information Technology to Evaluate the Detection of Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders Amongst Patients in a State Mental Health System: Implications for Co-Occurring Disorder State Initiatives
Huang, Ziedonis, Mei Hu & Kline - 2007 




Adolescent Tobacco Use and Dependence: Assessment and Treatment Strategies
Ziedonis, Haberstroh, Zimmermann, Miceli, & Foulds - 2006



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