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Title: Adapting the Open Dialogue Model in the United States: Developing and Piloting an Organizational Change Approach and Behavioral Therapy
Dates: 6/15/2012 - 9/14/2014
Funder: Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care, Inc.
Funding: $100,000
PI: Douglas Ziedonis, M.D., M.P.H

Description: Recovery is a process of revival and resiliency, grounded in hope, empowerment, and a supportive network, with which a productive and meaningful life is restored and prevails. This perspective grows from the knowledge that people can and do overcome many challenges thought to be posed by mental health issues or addiction. Open Dialogue is a recovery-oriented psychosocial approach that has been found to be effective with persons in acute psychiatric crisis. The approach emphasizes patient-centered care and engaging an individual’s family and social network. The Open Dialogue approach (therapy and organizational change) has been found to improve outcomes for acute psychosis, such as fewer and shorter hospitalizations, less recidivism, reduced neuroleptic medication dosage, improved likelihood of employment, and greater improvements in functioning. Dr. Douglas Ziedonis is leading a multi-disciplinary team at the University of Massachusetts Medical School/UMass Memorial Health Care to develop implementation tools (manuals, fidelity scales, etc.) that are needed to implement and evaluate the Open Dialogue approach in the United States. The manuals and fidelity scales the project will develop are needed in the field and will help the implementation of the Open Dialogue approach in new settings. We already anticipate adapting the Finnish model to fit with the US culture and system by including peer specialists and recovery-oriented language and concepts.

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