MD/PhD Applicants

Applicants to the UMMS combined MD/PhD program may also be in-state or out-of-state, the classification of which shall be based on the same factors and guidelines stated earlier in this policy[1].MD/PhD applicants who wish to be considered as a Massachusetts resident – either through their own 7-year minimum residency or through an immediate family member’s 7-year minimum residency – must declare Massachusetts as their State of legal residency on their AMCAS application. 

 Once the verified AMCAS application is received by UMMS, applicants will be required to complete the on-line  UMMS-specific “Residency Validation” secondary form” (RV).  This RV form requests information concerning claimed residency in Massachusetts and is meant to assist UMMS in determining if the applicant lawfully qualifies as a Massachusetts resident.  If UMMS is unable to initially make this determination, we may request additional documents / materials that might inform this decision – such as the documents / materials listed earlier in this policy.

 The decision on whether an applicant (or the applicant’s immediate family member) qualifies as a Massachusetts resident for the requisite seven (7) continuous years or more prior to enrollment shall be made by UMMS.  Should UMMS determine the applicant does not meet this residency requirement, the applicant may request a further review of this decision by the UMMS Residency Review Committee (RRC).  See RRC review process above.  [In addition, the applicant will also still be considered for admission as an out-of-state applicant.]

[1] UMMS’ current policy is to admit no more than 10 out-of-state students to the combined MD/PhD program; the number of such students is not included in the number of out-of-state students admitted to the School of Medicine program.

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