Residency Review Process

  • The applicant contacts the admissions office via email at: and requests a further review of their residency status.  This request must specifically state why the applicant believes they (or an immediate family member) qualify as a Massachusetts resident. 
  • The Office of Admissions will acknowledge receipt of this request and advise the applicant to submit as much supporting documentation as possible – such as those documents and materials listed earlier in this policy.
  • The applicant must promptly submit to the Admissions Office all requested documentation and any information the applicant views as applicable to this decision. 
  • This information and supporting materials will be forwarded for review and a final decision by the RRC.
  • The candidate will be notified of the status of her/his “request for review” as soon as possible following submission of the additional information and supporting materials.  The decision on appeal is final and may not be appealed further.  


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